“Earthquake in Nicaragua”

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Submitted by: Bernard Brown

Nicaraguan first lady and amateur volcanologist Rosario Murillo says scientists are investigating citizen claims that the water level of Lake Managua is dropping and the temperature is rising — a strange phenomenon that some are blaming on recent seismic activity.

Lakeside residents claim the water level of Lake Managua has dropped 16 meters and the coastline has withdrawn 500 meters from its previous mark. Temperatures are also notably on the rise, according to citizen reports.

In a Wednesday evening statement to her family-run media outlets, Murillo said the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) reports that people have reported the strange water-drop/temperature-increase phenomenon in the lakeside neighborhood of El Marañonal and near KM 17 of Carretera a Xiloa, just north of the capital. There have also been reports of strange fluctuations in water levels at Puerto Salvador Allende.

A group of Nicaraguan and foreign geologists today confirmed that the lake’s water level is dropping and the temperature is rising. Murillo said scientists are trying to determine whether the changes are related to the recent series of earthquakes that have rocked the capital since April 10.

On Wednesday, Nicaragua shook with eight lesser tremors — the strongest of which was a 2.9 on the Richter scale. The quakes’ epicenters were in northern Managua, mostly near the Laguna de Apoyeque.