We Support Others

We are honored to partner with good men in other locations who are striving to preach the gospel.  Please pray that God will bless these efforts and the good of the people where these works are being done.

Below is a list of the men we are currently supporting:


Mario Jose Castillo Mendoza
  Maschapa, Managua, Nicaragua C.A.

Santos Rafael Palacios Mendieta
  Granada City, Nicaragua C.A.
Javier Antonio Garcia Urroz
  Fatima, Leon, Managua, Nicaragua, C.A.
Pedro Joaquin Martinez
  San Benita, Managua, Nicaragua, C.A.

Latest news and information

Learn more about Nicaragua on Wikipedia (click here) and Google map (below).

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Many congregations and Christians help support the work being done in Nicaragua. Ken Parrish, from Gainesville Florida, is very dedicated; he has made several trips to help deliver needed food and materials and to contribute to the teaching of the gospel.